Friday, July 11, 2014

Maaya - The goddess of Illusion

Maaya means Illusion.
And The goddess of illusion is even more magical.

A new attempt and a different approach to the designs of Choker necklace. 
Presenting my Magical necklace "Maaya"

The pendent represents Maaya - The goddess, and it is made with Polymer clay.
I have used inks and pigments to enhance her look.

Chain of the necklace is braided with threads, and it has gorgeous emerald green Swarovski beads. 
The necklace measures approx 18 inch in length,
Pendent measures approx 1.5 inches in Dia.
And here is my Fav image of the necklace...

I hope you like my new creation.
If you want to add it in your collection, I have listed it on my Etsy shop

Have a great Day!!!