Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall Fun - Fall inspired Leaf Ring dish made with Polymer Clay

Autumn, the season of Colors, and the season takes leaves from the trees..
Today I have combined both fall colors and leaves in my this project. Such a fun and awesome decor for the beautiful season. I have made this cute Leaf shaped Ring dish but this dish can be used in many ways! Creativity is endless.

DIY - Leaf Ring Dish

Materials and tools
Polymer Clay  - Preferred in Dark Color
Leaf - Larger the batter, Hurry before they all gone
Polymer clay Roller
Craft knife
Pearl-ex pigment - I am using Antique Gold
A good work surface - Flat and scratch proof, Gosh.. we are using knife here..
A small bowl - must be Oven safe
Over - For baking

All set??? So.. Lets begin..
Step 1
Roll the clay, it should bigger than the leaf's size, also I would recommend it thicker than usual.

Step 2

Place leaf and roll once again, with little pressure. We want leave's impression on the clay.

Step 3
Carefully remove leaf. Now its time for color. you can involve kids in this process too.. Take pearl-ex and cover entire leaf with it.. 

Step 4
 Now carefully remove extra clay using craft knife.

The final leaf, gorgeous piece of art!! ready to be shaped..

Step 5

Take leaf from the surface and place it on the up-side down bowl. I have used my clay knife to carefully lift it from the surface.

Step 6

Take the bowl as- it -is and put it in oven for baking. Bake accordingly to the direction written on the clay package. And your leaf bowl is ready!!!!

**** I was not happy with my this white bowl, as I wanted a shallow Dish, so I used a different one. You can also make some adjustments as per your requirements.***

Final Leaf dish -

I hope you like this simple and decorative project.
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