Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall Fun - Fall inspired Leaf Ring dish made with Polymer Clay

Autumn, the season of Colors, and the season takes leaves from the trees..
Today I have combined both fall colors and leaves in my this project. Such a fun and awesome decor for the beautiful season. I have made this cute Leaf shaped Ring dish but this dish can be used in many ways! Creativity is endless.

DIY - Leaf Ring Dish

Materials and tools
Polymer Clay  - Preferred in Dark Color
Leaf - Larger the batter, Hurry before they all gone
Polymer clay Roller
Craft knife
Pearl-ex pigment - I am using Antique Gold
A good work surface - Flat and scratch proof, Gosh.. we are using knife here..
A small bowl - must be Oven safe
Over - For baking

All set??? So.. Lets begin..
Step 1
Roll the clay, it should bigger than the leaf's size, also I would recommend it thicker than usual.

Step 2

Place leaf and roll once again, with little pressure. We want leave's impression on the clay.

Step 3
Carefully remove leaf. Now its time for color. you can involve kids in this process too.. Take pearl-ex and cover entire leaf with it.. 

Step 4
 Now carefully remove extra clay using craft knife.

The final leaf, gorgeous piece of art!! ready to be shaped..

Step 5

Take leaf from the surface and place it on the up-side down bowl. I have used my clay knife to carefully lift it from the surface.

Step 6

Take the bowl as- it -is and put it in oven for baking. Bake accordingly to the direction written on the clay package. And your leaf bowl is ready!!!!

**** I was not happy with my this white bowl, as I wanted a shallow Dish, so I used a different one. You can also make some adjustments as per your requirements.***

Final Leaf dish -

I hope you like this simple and decorative project.
LEave comments if you like my work, and do share your project when you made it at my facebook page, Mitti Designs

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Tutorial - Create beautiful Polymer clay Flower Bud beads

Hello my dear lovelies!!!
Today I am back with another tutorial to create Beautiful Lotus Bud beads.

Remember my previous Vishnu Avtar Necklace, where I have made Lotus beads?
With this is tutorial you'll know the technique behind creating perfect Flower bud beads.

For this you need you have your polymer clay Petal Cane ready! I'll make another tutorial for polymer clay cane soon, but first, how to create Beads...

Friday, April 10, 2015

Meet the Artist - Deepti Mittal

Listening to the call of her heart, Deepti Agrawal Mittal has come a long way in taking forward the traditional art form of Madhubani Painting, and in this process, developed and created whole new genre of art which she calls Modern Madhubani. 
She is credited for starting online Madhubani Painting classes which are self-paced, interactive and have become popular with art lovers around the globe.

A multi-faceted artist, Deepti  has covered a wide range of mediums and forms. From home accents, kitchen decor to personal wardrobe, she has practically touched every aspect of life with her paint brush. The latest sensation after her hand painted leather shoes, are her exclusive line of designer leather hand-bags known as “La Sak", got sold-out within 48 hours of its launch.

Bidding farewell to a high-flying main-stream corporate career for an uncertain and scantily-paid field of art, wasn't a straightforward and easy decision for Deepti. After her MBA and serving in the corporate world for initial couple of years, her profound passion for art couldn't lay dormant anymore. She took this leap of faith into an altogether different area not so professionally recognized even to this day.  

Her creative stimuli, persistence and passion paid off. Taking it forward one step at a time, she is capitalizing on her experience in this ancient folk and her interest in the contemporary styles to create a new genres of art which appeal to the modern tastes and interests.  Her canvases are in galleries across USA and her paintings are featured in global art magazines. Since her art pieces inspired with spirituality are deemed antarctic, they are invited for shows in cancer centers in the New England area of USA.

From making greeting cards to painting on sarees and salwar suits to now introducing new genres under the banner of “Deepti Designs”, she certainly has brought her style of art a long way which she feels is just the beginning of her long journey.

Despite achieving greater height, Deepti is strongly attached to her roots. She donates a part of her art-auctions to those less-fortunate women artists in the rurals of Bihar who she informally got trained from. She strongly believes that those unnamed artisans are the true keepers of this Indian heritage which is ancient and timeless and the legacy of which needs to be passed on to the generations ahead...

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Embroidery Earrings designs.. Collection of 2014

Some previous work.. now in the form of a video.
Its so amazing to see most of the designs in one album.. soft music and detailing of the work..

Here is the video
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Meet the Artist - Mansi Jain

Mansi Jain is a ceramic artist, make beautiful murals and Yummy food..
She is a good friend of mine, we live in same town, and trust me when ever we meet , we talk more about art, how natural!! **
I wanted to share more art and art related people in this segment so I asked Mansi to share her work with us. She works in totally different medium then I work. I work with polymer clay and she works with ceramics.. I love the way she use nature in her work, Just look at the vase in the image below, is't it pretty!!

I am Mansi Jain, Mixed media and ceramic artist, based in USA. Passionate about creating something visually beautiful and driven by the thought of decorating homes with unique, handmade artwork, the creative bug in me took a flight with my husband's encouragement and support after moving to the US. Back in India, I pursued studies in Chartered Accountancy. 

What inspires me? Well, its the process itself.. the idea of turning a plain wood panel or a canvas into a brilliant work of art, or making something awesome out of clay, is what I enjoy the most.. :)  And it makes me happy when my creations find their homes!  

Variety is the spice of life, as they say..!!  I love playing with colors, textures and different creative mediums. That's how Artistry Unlimited happened! The mixed-media, textured paintings on wood has been my forte since 2010.  Since 2012, the ceramic clay has absorbed me and I have been exploring and excelling in the world of ceramic art as well.

The collection of Handmade consists of -

Mixed-Media Paintings on Wood :
Each of the mixed-media paintings is inspired by different thoughts on different subjects. They are a fusion of contemporary and Indian style of paintings. The Ganesha art work is simply a creative illustration of the Ganesha in different styles.
The little Sunflower

Concept ceramics:
The collection of Ceramic Art, so far, consists of vases, sculptures, concept mugs like animal lovers' mugs and landscape mugs, decorative platters, candle-holders and more always keeps coming!
Elephant Mug

We ship anywhere within USA. Get anything customized!! For inquiry, send a message to the facebook page or an e-mail at

Find us on facebook!!  Please like the page and be updated for the latest creations.

I hope you find this segment interesting..
Artists and designers who wish to be featured in this new segment can send their work and a small write-up at 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Embroidery on clay Tutorial / time lapse Video

Hello my dear lovelies..

Here I am with my another tutorial / A time lapse video on polymer clay embroidery technique.
The detailed visual instructions to create this beautiful flower stud earrings.

I am already fallen in love with this technique, you know that.. 
Many of you asked me how I make things just with a needle.. Well, I hope through this video you'll get all the answers. 

Here are some of the examples / previous earrings made with the same technique.

Let me know how you like this video, and if you made something using this technique, do share with me, in the comment box or send me an e-mail.

Take care..

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mitti Designs is the winner of ABS Jan 2015.. Yey!!

It always feels amazing to see your self as a winner in any competition. 
And for an artist its more special because it makes it standout among other artists, it shows the work he is doing is really good and can make him proud.

And my proud moment... 
This month my work/ Mitti Designs won the first prize for the ABS January monthly challange.

Art Beads Scene blog organize a challenge every month, and I have been participating in it almost every month since I came across it. I think for an artist  its a unique way to get inspired and create jewelry / beads from the inspiration painting.

January monthly challenge inspiration painting

The colors of the painting was just amazing and bright, that I always use them in my work.. I Love bright colors.. You know that!!
And my Morocco inspired necklace was just perfect to submit as my entry for the January Challenge.. 
ABS monthly challenge winners are chosen randomly every month,  and this time, my luck worked.. lol.. that's the best way to say I guess!! 
But what-ever it is.. I feel amazing to stand out as a winner! and that's really matter for me. I won a three months subscription of the Simple Truths Sampler club (54.00 USD) or 50.00 USD certificate from Tesori Trovati.  

Thank you Art beads scene for choosing my work. And thank you Tesori Trovati for the prize!

See you guys in my next post!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Meet the Artist - Divya N.

Divya N. is jewelry designer, based in Chennai, India.
She is a designer, creator and a successful blogger who writes at "Jewels of Sayuri".
I met Divya through Facebook and we became good friends.
So far she has made many colorful collections, but I loved her "Chitra Katha" collection the most.

When I thought to start this new segment,  Divya was the one who came in my mind first.
Divya made this beautiful paper flower necklace and many other stunning neck pieces..
So, Lets meet Divya and know more about her creations...

Hi Guys!!

I am a fashion designer by qualification with a master’s in education and I am a jewelry designer and blogger by passion. I launched my brand "Sayuri" in 2008 and ever since been making OOAK mixed media jewelry. My brand philosophy is simple – ‘Fashion is for all. So it should be practical, usable and desirable

My inspirations come from everywhere -From my travels, from nature, from Indian Culture, from works of artists in other fields but importantly they come from materials and techniques available. I love combining materials and techniques in a very unconventional manner producing eclectic pieces that are wearable.

Xian -This collection of hand painted leather bib necklaces are inspired by the Chinese word for Lines – Xian. The color combinations, line patterns and motifs are oriental lending richness to these one of a kind pieces.

Ragmala means a garland of ragas and it is a collection of Jewelry personifying the visualisation of Hindustani music describing Ragas, Raginis & Rajaputras. Ragamala, attempts to take the connect between music, poetry and art one step further by creating adornments that transcends religion, aesthetics, and even time thereby reestablishing the parampara or tradition of storytelling that is filled with rich visuals, good music, strong morals and great creativity.

Chitra Katha - inspired by the mythological picture story books of India, Chitira katha is a collection of jewelry wherein each piece narrates a story from Ramayana, Krishna or Shiva puranas,  and historical stories from Mughal and Rajput and culture.

                                  * * *              * * *              * * *                * * *              * * * 
Guys, I hope you like Divya's work, visit her at her blog "Jewels of Sayuri",
and keep in touch with her latest creations at her facebook page " Sayuri"

I hope you find this segment interesting..
Artists and designers who wish to be featured in this new segment can send their work and a small write-up at 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Two New Segment At Mitti Designs!!

Good morning my Dear Lovelies...

Its been a long time I was working on this new segment for my blog.
I have planned two special categories.. Any guesses???

In the new year I am taking opportunity to share work of my fellow bloggers who also create amazing designs, art and accessories.   
Every month I'll be Featuring one new artist and his/her work! 
I love, love love, their work so I thought - why not share them here with lovelies?! 

And The second special segment is DIY - Tutorials.
We all love to learn new techniques,. In last 6 years I have learn many new techniques in Polymer clay, and I love craft as-well, so I am adding this new section - Posts on the regular basis, to share some good basic techniques with you all.

I hope you guys will love this new series! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year..!!

Happy New Year my dear Lovelies!!

Wishing you a year that is filled with all the fragrance of roses, 
illuminated with all the lights of the world and be blessed with all the smiles on the planet. Hope this year will be the year when all your dreams come true. 
Happy New Year 2015.