Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Krishna Designs

Hello my dear lovelies..
Everyday I am exploring Polymer clay, and everyday I am learning something new..
My random visit to a craft store surprised me with a push face mold..
And my first thought was my Love Krishna.
When I shared them on my Facebook page , people loved it so much and then I never stopped...
Sharing images of my few Krishna Designs

I named it Krishna-Mala..
With the details of Lotus and Peacock feather, the favorites of Lord Krishna..

This one I named "Shyam - Krishna Mala" 

Krishna is also knows as "Shyam" because of his darker skin tone.

It was not my thought, but one of my client asked me to make Krishna Earrings for her, 
in Dark Blue tone.. And after making it, I loved it too...

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hello in a new year 2014

Hello my lovely readers.. 
My name is Rachana Surabh (re-introducing my self) 
This is my new blog where I'll share my new love Polymer Clay creations,
Wearable, different, classy and one of a kind designs.

I started this blog loong time back, but I am not regularly updating it, I'll be honest, 
Its just Facebook is so popular, I regularly update there.. 
My facebook page "Mitti Designs" 

But in this new year, I have decided to update my blog regularly, well its never late.. Right???
So please check all my new designs, updates on my blog and at my facebook page too.
And share if you like my work..
I'll be back.. soon.