Thursday, November 27, 2014

Orchid and Humming bird designs..

Happy Thanksgiving my dear lovelies..

Art bead scene's November challenge has a very interesting painting by Martin Johnson Heade,
Beautiful "Cattleya Orchid and Three Hummingbirds". Amazing color combination and a beautiful inspiration.

Being an artist I use my polymer clay as my canvas and colors to paint my version of the painting.
My orchid and humming bird pendent. I used polymer clay applique technique to achieve this pendent. For the background created a wood effect base and colored with pearl-ex powders, and then created polymer clay orchid and little humming bird.

Orchid and Humming bird polymer clay necklace with ombre beads, abs challenge

Colors in the painting are just so beautiful, I thought not to miss any shade if the main colors, and so I created Ombre effect beads. 

And then I combined these two in a amazing necklace!!

My Orchid and humming bird necklace.

Another view..

My imaginations didn't stopped after making this stunning piece.
I created another necklace of Humming bird and Orchid..
This time a choker necklace.

A simple necklace were a bird is flying towards this flower.. I didn't add any color to this one and made like faux silver.. this way it has the simplicity and more uniqueness.

I hope you like my work inspired by ABS's November challenge.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


  Some inspirations helps artist to enhance work. 

Art bead Scene's blog, always inspires me every month to create something very unique.
Each month the Art Bead Scene hosts a monthly challenge featuring an inspiring piece of art work.

Since last three months I am taking part in the challenge, and creating my pieces as per the theme painting. And just amazed with the results.. take a look, sharing my work, inspired by the theme paintings.
I found this web-site in August and created this stunning embroidery pair.

In September I missed to take part in it, and In October this colorful painting remained me my peacock earrings, so I submitted them as my entry for the challenge.

This month I am working on the theme and in process of creating another stunning necklace/

Stay connected to see my work..