Saturday, May 17, 2014

Vishnu's Matsya Avatar inspired necklace.

Most of my designs has Indian flavor.
Being a devotee of Krishna, I try to incorporate Krishna in all my work.
Recently I am working on Matsya-Avatar painting on my canvas, and that thought lead me to create such a beautiful and divine neck-piece.

Talking about Matsya Avatar, the First incarnation of Lord Vishnu in form of Fish.
To read more about the Avatar, sharing link of Wikipedia here.

Establishing a mythological subject in a form of a jewelry was indeed difficult.
Where I have to make sure that the story is going well as a jewelry.
Sharing a picture of WIP.
vishnu, matsya, polymer clay, necklace, fish
Talking about detailing in the necklace,
 I have added Fish, clay stripes as water, flower / Lotus and Face of Lord Vishnu.
And surprisingly the output was incredible!

I have made this necklace with the techniques of Indian Terracotta clay Art, and so the look of the necklace is just like a piece of terracotta jewelry.
Here is the final necklace.

Since Krishna is 8th incarnation of Vishnu, 
I have added a peacock feather, Krishna's face in this necklace.
Since the necklace was appreciated by many people on my Facebook page,
 (because I shared it first there- Sorry!! )Now I have decided to make it in colors. 
I have not started working on it, but as soon as I finish it, I'll update it in my next blog post.

Till then stay connected!!