Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Embroidery Earrings designs.. Collection of 2014

Some previous work.. now in the form of a video.
Its so amazing to see most of the designs in one album.. soft music and detailing of the work..

Here is the video
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Meet the Artist - Mansi Jain

Mansi Jain is a ceramic artist, make beautiful murals and Yummy food..
She is a good friend of mine, we live in same town, and trust me when ever we meet , we talk more about art, how natural!! **
I wanted to share more art and art related people in this segment so I asked Mansi to share her work with us. She works in totally different medium then I work. I work with polymer clay and she works with ceramics.. I love the way she use nature in her work, Just look at the vase in the image below, is't it pretty!!

I am Mansi Jain, Mixed media and ceramic artist, based in USA. Passionate about creating something visually beautiful and driven by the thought of decorating homes with unique, handmade artwork, the creative bug in me took a flight with my husband's encouragement and support after moving to the US. Back in India, I pursued studies in Chartered Accountancy. 

What inspires me? Well, its the process itself.. the idea of turning a plain wood panel or a canvas into a brilliant work of art, or making something awesome out of clay, is what I enjoy the most.. :)  And it makes me happy when my creations find their homes!  

Variety is the spice of life, as they say..!!  I love playing with colors, textures and different creative mediums. That's how Artistry Unlimited happened! The mixed-media, textured paintings on wood has been my forte since 2010.  Since 2012, the ceramic clay has absorbed me and I have been exploring and excelling in the world of ceramic art as well.

The collection of Handmade consists of -

Mixed-Media Paintings on Wood :
Each of the mixed-media paintings is inspired by different thoughts on different subjects. They are a fusion of contemporary and Indian style of paintings. The Ganesha art work is simply a creative illustration of the Ganesha in different styles.
The little Sunflower

Concept ceramics:
The collection of Ceramic Art, so far, consists of vases, sculptures, concept mugs like animal lovers' mugs and landscape mugs, decorative platters, candle-holders and more always keeps coming!
Elephant Mug

We ship anywhere within USA. Get anything customized!! For inquiry, send a message to the facebook page or an e-mail at mansi@artistry-unlimited.com.

Find us on facebook!! https://www.facebook.com/ArtistryUnlimited  Please like the page and be updated for the latest creations.

I hope you find this segment interesting..
Artists and designers who wish to be featured in this new segment can send their work and a small write-up at essenceofarts@gmail.com