Sunday, February 1, 2015

Meet the Artist - Divya N.

Divya N. is jewelry designer, based in Chennai, India.
She is a designer, creator and a successful blogger who writes at "Jewels of Sayuri".
I met Divya through Facebook and we became good friends.
So far she has made many colorful collections, but I loved her "Chitra Katha" collection the most.

When I thought to start this new segment,  Divya was the one who came in my mind first.
Divya made this beautiful paper flower necklace and many other stunning neck pieces..
So, Lets meet Divya and know more about her creations...

Hi Guys!!

I am a fashion designer by qualification with a master’s in education and I am a jewelry designer and blogger by passion. I launched my brand "Sayuri" in 2008 and ever since been making OOAK mixed media jewelry. My brand philosophy is simple – ‘Fashion is for all. So it should be practical, usable and desirable

My inspirations come from everywhere -From my travels, from nature, from Indian Culture, from works of artists in other fields but importantly they come from materials and techniques available. I love combining materials and techniques in a very unconventional manner producing eclectic pieces that are wearable.

Xian -This collection of hand painted leather bib necklaces are inspired by the Chinese word for Lines – Xian. The color combinations, line patterns and motifs are oriental lending richness to these one of a kind pieces.

Ragmala means a garland of ragas and it is a collection of Jewelry personifying the visualisation of Hindustani music describing Ragas, Raginis & Rajaputras. Ragamala, attempts to take the connect between music, poetry and art one step further by creating adornments that transcends religion, aesthetics, and even time thereby reestablishing the parampara or tradition of storytelling that is filled with rich visuals, good music, strong morals and great creativity.

Chitra Katha - inspired by the mythological picture story books of India, Chitira katha is a collection of jewelry wherein each piece narrates a story from Ramayana, Krishna or Shiva puranas,  and historical stories from Mughal and Rajput and culture.

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Guys, I hope you like Divya's work, visit her at her blog "Jewels of Sayuri",
and keep in touch with her latest creations at her facebook page " Sayuri"

I hope you find this segment interesting..
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