Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mitti Designs is the winner of ABS Jan 2015.. Yey!!

It always feels amazing to see your self as a winner in any competition. 
And for an artist its more special because it makes it standout among other artists, it shows the work he is doing is really good and can make him proud.

And my proud moment... 
This month my work/ Mitti Designs won the first prize for the ABS January monthly challange.

Art Beads Scene blog organize a challenge every month, and I have been participating in it almost every month since I came across it. I think for an artist  its a unique way to get inspired and create jewelry / beads from the inspiration painting.

January monthly challenge inspiration painting

The colors of the painting was just amazing and bright, that I always use them in my work.. I Love bright colors.. You know that!!
And my Morocco inspired necklace was just perfect to submit as my entry for the January Challenge.. 
ABS monthly challenge winners are chosen randomly every month,  and this time, my luck worked.. lol.. that's the best way to say I guess!! 
But what-ever it is.. I feel amazing to stand out as a winner! and that's really matter for me. I won a three months subscription of the Simple Truths Sampler club (54.00 USD) or 50.00 USD certificate from Tesori Trovati.  

Thank you Art beads scene for choosing my work. And thank you Tesori Trovati for the prize!

See you guys in my next post!!

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