Thursday, September 25, 2014

Obsessed with the Clay embroidery technique..

Its been 5 years, I have started working with polymer clay.
So far I have tried every techniques in Polymer clay, but I know there are tones of new things to learn.. Its never ending.. Working with clay is fun!!

After my peacock collection, I have found my new love these days..
"Polymer clay Applique / Embroidery technique.".
In one line - I am working with tiny clay balls, and creating unique designs with a needle tool..

Previously I have created few designs with this technique, but my recent Pintrest numbers encouraged me to create many more. My two earrings designs - Blue mango and Pink on Purple has been pinned more then 40 times.. And this little thing encouraged me to create more with the embroidery designs..

Talking about Embroidery technique, My most favorite detailing piece was made for my client.. I still love colors and detailing of that gorgeous necklace.. Gorgeousness with the neon colors. I am not a big fan of neon colors but when I put all of them together, they didn't look that bad! A fun Summer necklace..

In my next post I'll share my recent work - My embroidery designs.

Stay connected!!

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