Monday, April 28, 2014

Ethnic design - Inspired Moroccan Berber Necklace

I am coming across ethnic and tribal designs almost every day!
Everyday Beads of Morocco and Yaman silver necklace amazed me. and Every time I think how would I make them with my clay!

Traditional necklace are either made with gold- silver and read coral and amber or turquoise beads.
So before making them I did a deep research and find out ways to create big beads. 
Now big beads - if they are only made with clay, would be too heavy, and these ethnic necklace have many of them.. So I had to fine a new way to make them in such a light weight.. And I made it!

The biggest challenge was to make Morocco Egg-bead, light weight and full of detailing. Real beads are made with silver and enamel.. and my First thought- I have to make it in Clay, now what???
After two weeks of  experiment I made this...(sharing my reference image in box)

After successful attempt of my egg-bead, I made Amber and Coral beads.. 
And then I was un-stoppable :) :) 
My First Moroccan Berber necklace, made with Polymer clay!!! Finally!!

The other one I made was in same concept, but beads and texture technique was different..
Its colors were inspired by my Florida Trip - Gold sand and Blue water.. and White waves !
Perfect Summer colors...

And the full necklace.. 

Technically this was my first necklace, because I assembled it first, but I consider the previous one as it completed my thought of Morocco Berber necklace.. I have made few more, and will share them soon.

I have listed this both necklaces on my Etsy shop,
If you like them Visit my Shop !
And yes, I would love to see your comments, and appreciation for my work..
Please feel free to send me your precious words!

Have a great Day!!!

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