Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tutorial - Flower hair clip

I started working with clay in 2009-2010, and the first thing I made was flowers.
I still have the first flower I made, and its very special to me.
Today when I see it I smile and feel good, that how nicely I am handling clay, creating things in a way I have imagined. 
Sharing Image of my first flowers.
No one never teach me how to work with clay, its just practice, practice, practice.
and I created beautiful petals in my own way.
Its been a long time I shared this tutorial on my Facebook page.
Now I am posting regularly my bog, sharing it here with my readers as-well. 

The Flower hair clip Tutorial / DIY

A beautiful flower clip I made for my niece for her First Birthday
Sharing my 9 east steps to create a beautiful clip. Make it for you or as a beautiful gift so someone.

***Get ready with the material list.***
-Polymer clay in for favorite color
-Wooden tooth pic
-Small scissors
-Hair clip
-Permanent Glue

Lets Begin .....

Step 1 : Take a small amount of Clay, and roll it like a ball. it don't need to be a perfect round.

Step 2 - Now shape it like a water drop/ tear drop

Step 3 - Take toothpick and make a small hole in center

Step 4 - Now fun part - cut equal parts with your scissors - they will be your petals.
For beginning you can start with four, I am making six.

Step 5 - Take toothpick and genteelly try to expand that petal.. 
***Handle with care, and no much pressure.

Step 6 - And just like that make all six petals...
 Tada.. you made a flower.. Congratulations!!!!

Step 7 - I have made 3 flowers, and a bud for my hair clip.

Step 8 - Time to arranged them, I choose a silver center for my flowers.. 
I made 3 small balls and stuck them to each flower. Now, made dots on these balls with my toothpick.

Step 9 - Now bake your flowers as per direction on the package of your clay..
And its ready.... I took my hair clip and glue flowers on it. 

So exited to make ??
Do share with me when you make one for you. I'll be happy to see it.

Have Fun!


  1. Thank you for the lovely tutorial. You make it look so easy but I am certain that it takes a lot of practice , practice and more practice to create flowers as wonderful as the ones that you make.
    The flower hairclip is beautiful.

  2. Wow! This is beautiful :) Thank you for sharing :)
    Let's Make It Lovely