Saturday, October 4, 2014

Featured on Polymer clay Daily!!

Polymer clay Daily is a very known blog in the world of polymer clay creation.
Its a dream for every polymer clay artist, and Its such an honor to get featured at Polymer Clay Daily

It is Dusshera Today (Indian Festival), and this was a sweet gift by Cynthia.

 Cynthia Tinapple, who writes this blog, is a recognized artist in the world of Polymer clay. She recently published a book Polymer Clay Global Perspectives , which has collected more than a hundred works of artists polymer clay from around the world. 

Read more about the feature at - From painting to Polymer

When I submitted my work at the web-site, Cynthia responded with a special e-mail, and her that first E-mail is very special to me. In that e-mail she wrote, she recognized me and my paintings. She pinned my one of my painting two years ago and she knows my work since then.. 

Honestly as an Artist it was a big moment for me, an achievement, that she recognized me even after 2 years.. I was literally jumping on my couch that day.

Well, this is a proud moment to see my work at PCD, and I am soooo happy!!

Take care !

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